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The Electronic Story Teller
A Collection of Short Stories Written by AI

Edited by Paul Lima

The Electronic Storyteller is a collection of short stories written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on concepts, plots, and characters that I developed. Not only did AI write the stories, it even came up with the title for each story.

The stories are relatively brief but something happens in each of them and that something is mostly resolved. AI had a habit of writing moral-of-the story or all-lived-happily-ever-after endings, without using those phrases. In many of those cases, I tried to create endings that felt more complete. This often meant that I had to tighten up the resolution and connect it more strongly with events that occurred earlier in the story. And yes, there were times when I would expand those events as doing so strengthened the ending.

At times, I liked how AI had started the story but did not feel it headed in the right direction. I had no qualms about moving it in a different direction. However, when I did so, I maintained AI's characters and the essence of its tone and style. Sometimes I even pasted the story as it had been written in AI, suggested a different direction, and let AI edits its own story. Then I did a final edit.

In short, this has been a true collaboration between man and machine. I worked on the stories as any editor would. Some stories underwent a fair amount of editing. Some stories underwent a modest amount of editing. In addition, as the publisher, I rejected a couple of stories--but not that many. AI kept a stiff upper lip and continued to write stories for me!

A number of the stories in the book are somewhat written in the style of published authors. For a couple of stories, I simply asked AI to be the original author and place itself in the story. I don't think it will be difficult for you to figure out which ones were written by AI as AI.

Why have AI write the stories?

I was curious as to what AI could do when it came to writing fiction. For the most part, AI has succeeded, although AI does more telling than it does showing. Still, AI comes up with solid plots and interesting characters, and even several intriguing plot twists. In addition, the stories flow well and are technically strong. 

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