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Family Tree
An Historical Novel Spanning 17 Centuries

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If your idea of history is 2+2=4, then think again. In Family Tree you'll see the evolution of a gay white female who lives in Saxony, as she turns into a straight black man who lives in San Fransisco. Family Tree is not sci-fi or fantasy. It is an historical drama that follows the evolution of one family line, and the Oak tree that binds that line together, over 1600 years.

Family Tree starts with the Alden family having just moved from Toronto, Canada to San Francisco, California in 2015. The father, Corey, has taken a job as the IT Director with Ancestry Discovery, a DNA testing company. He plants an Oak tree that he has moved from Toronto in his new back yard. The Oak tree was started from acorns passed down through his family line for over 1600 years.

His wife, Indira, a nurse, starts to work as a volunteer at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. The Corey's daughter, Ashley, has enrolled in the University of California-San Francisco in the undergraduate science and languages programs.

As part of his job, Corey gets his DNA tested, with  unexpected results that finds a family  connection he was not aware of in Germany Ashley gets her DNA tested and discovers connections that can only mean her mother, who thought she was an orphan and only child in India, adopted by a Canadian family, is not an only child. Indira's DNA tests confirm Ashley's results.

As we journey through this present filled with unexpected discoveries, we flash back to 400 AD when acorns
from a magestic Oak tree are passed on from parent to child for the first time. The novel's chapters alternates between  2015, as the Aldens investigate their roots with chapters that move forward from 400 AD as we trace Corey's family line to it's present day, and make an unexpected connection to its past in present day Germany.

Beta Readers React

- "I love historical fiction, and Family Tree is now on my 'I love' list!"

-  "There are a number of great books that span centuries. Add this one to the list."

- "You might think a book that spans over a thousand years would lose its thread. But the structure of Family Tree keeps the book focused in the present, while the past builds up to that present. Well done!"

- "Solid story. Great characters. Superb writing."

- "Loved the structure of the book. Makes history come alive, all well telling a great story routed in today."

- "If you've ever had your DNA tested, you'll want to read Family Tree."

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Samily Tree

Chapter 1: San Francisco 2015
Chapter 2: Saxony 400AD
Chapter 3: 2015
Chapter 4: 400AD
Chapter 5: 2015
Chapter 6: 425
Chapter 7: 2015
Chapter 8: 600AD
Chapter 9: 2015
Chapter 10: 1100
Chapter 11: 2015
Chapter 12: 1215
Chapter 13: 2015
Chapter 14: 1607
Chapter 15: 2015
Chapter 16: 1674
Chapter 17: 2015
Chapter 18: 1795
Chapter 19: 2015
Chapter 20: 1831
Chapter 21: 2015-1016
Chapter 22: 1890
Chapter 23: 2016
Chapter 24: 1933
Chapter 25: 2016
Chapter 26: 1967
Chapter 27: 2016
Epilogue: 2022.

If you want to be notified when the book is available (estimated March 2022), email and ask to have your email address added to the email list! (You will receive NO spam. Promise!)

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